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Screening Media

  • Overview
We bestow a wide assortment of screening media at your disposal to develop and revamp your screening process by maximizing competence, precision and uptime. At Ashar, we provide screening media solutions that are suitable for banana screens, inclined screens and horizontal screens. Having a grip over our effectual screening media, you will get prime benefits of maximized capacity, maximized accuracy and maximized uptime. Having years of knowledge as screening media manufacturer, we offer an exceptional expertise in screening media applications and materials. We endow with wire screening media as well as polymer screening media, of both rubber and polyurethane, covering crucial to fine screening applications.

Screening Media Solutions

Placing maximum durability in tough applications, we emerge as a world class screening media solutions provider in the industry. Our screening media solutions lessen down time resulting in reduced service costs and also noise emission. Our screening media solutions are designed in such a manner so as to grant outstanding and exquisite service and operation in the toughest environments. The screening solutions can be tailored for explicit applications and screens, and ameliorated to equilibrium demands for high severance efficiency and long service life. Our elite screening solutions are persistently looking at ways to perk up and improve efficiency, wear life and to house our customer's needs.

Harp Screen

Harp screen, also known as piano wire screen is exclusively made up of single strands of straight highly tensioned wire, connected at either end of the screen with a sheet metal hook. Harp screen makes screening of sticky and damp materials possible where, screening with a woven product would be impossible. Harp screen increases productivity which in turn results in more tonnes per hour for each square foot of screen area than any other screen surface. Our Harp screen is manufactured in only the premier quality high tensile piano wire and stainless steel to give a long resourceful life. Moreover all harp screens are separately factory tested to ensure quality.